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Telecom networks rolled out faster, cheaper and at higher quality with today’s technologies

Brisbane, Australia, February, 2016 – Australian engineer and major projects veteran Dan Flemming today announced the launch of Work@Scale, a company focused on getting telecom networks rolled out more efficiently, at a lower cost and higher quality. Through intelligent cloud based project management solutions Work@Scale is revolutionising how subcontractors, prime contractors, project managers and network owners can manage their telecommunications projects.

With a proven 30% improvement in in-field productivity and a 50% reduction in admin effort, the Work@Scale solutions apply automation, optimisation and collaboration across an historically manual, de-centralised and drawn out management process.

“We believe the industry needs a game changer. It’s time to take advantage of today’s technologies to address the manual processes, paper-based planning and limited visibility across the project delivery lifecycle that exists today”, notes Dan Flemming. “We’re excited to be able to provide a solution to the Australian, and global marketplace that revolutionises how telecommunications networks are delivered at scale. We do things differently and the bottom line is we simply get better results for all stakeholders”.

Work@Scale has a keen focus in the Australian and New Zealand markets. It has also already developed a partnership with Commscope to enhance their network delivery in a number of countries. Keith Sheridan, Global Head of Solutions, Sales and Delivery for Commscope based in Singapore recently carried out an extensive global search for innovative solutions to help better serve their customers looking to build new networks.

Keith Sheridan explained, “Commscope has a rich history of innovation. The solutions from Work@Scale bring real innovation to our turnkey delivery of broadband networks. This solution will result in high quality networks being delivered to market faster and at less cost to our customers. We are very excited by this new approach to building networks”.

About Work@Scale

Work@Scale is a provider of cloud based project management solutions for the rollout of telecommunications networks. Supporting a range of companies, Work@Scale assists subcontractors, prime contractors, project managers and network owners to get networks built more efficiently, at a lower cost and higher quality.

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